Do you sell things online?


Yes, we have items online right now that are brand new and exclusive to our store. We are developing some more custom one-of-a-kind items that we plan to roll out in the future. If you want to hear about them sign up for our mailing list!

Can I buy things I see on social media?


Yes, absolutely. We are happy to take your credit card information over the phone by calling 218-547-0686 during business hours. Then we will carefully pack and ship your item to you. To shop this way, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we don't tweet though. 

Can I eat and drink in your store?


No, we would rather that you enjoy your treats outside. We are in an old creaky building and we don't want you to trip and spill your coffee over a rack of sweatshirts. We offer some pretty nice benches out front with a great view of people-watching to finish your ice cream cone before coming in. 

Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping prices have skyrocketed. This increase has been caused by the global shortage of shipping containers as consumer demand has started to pick up once again. That is why we have discontinued our free shipping with $100 or more purchase and have also been forced to raise our shipping prices. Hang in there, we are just as frustrated as you!

Payment and Shipping


We take credit cards or cash in our store. We do charge customers a fee to use a credit card, and that is indicated at check out in case you want to use cash instead. If you purchase online, we use secure payments through PayPal. You can use your account, or just use a credit card through PayPal without an account. Shipping costs vary by product, are indicated in our online store. 

​Returns & Refunds


Some items we are happy to take back, if they break, or if they don't fit right. But don't bring something back that you have already eaten or drank part of, already washed and dried it, wore it while you cleaned fish, or ate a chocolate ice cream cone. We want our customers to be happy, but will use our discretion on accepting returns on certain items. 


Privacy Policy


We don't ever share our customers information whether it be their name, phone number, email address, or how they looked in that sweatshirt they bought. We also do not store any credit card information. If you sign up for our mailing list, we will only send you interesting things. 

Are you affiliated with Lundrigans Clothing?


Yes, both Lundrigans and General Store are owned by the same person. Her name is Nancy Freeman and she's a superstar. She's usually working at one or the other store, so keep your eyes out, she's the one wearing a black t-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots.